5D Podcast Special: Interview with actor James Morrison.

Actor, filmmaker, poet, playwright singer/songwriter – James Morrison shares some fabulous stories from his career in this interview with 5D.


Ep. 108 – Interview with actor Patrick Gallagher: A 5D Podcast Special!

In this weeks episode Stuart & Zack were thrilled to be able to talk with actor Patrick Gallagher, an actor

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Latest Features


Duglas T Stewart of the BMX Bandits to compose the music for Dreaded Light movie!

Writer and director Mark MacNicol has arranged a livestream chat with Duglas on Thursday 30th July at 7pm


Sci-Fi Short Film: “Lab Rat” Debuts on DUST on 9th July.

This excellent Sci-if short film is coming out on Thursday 9th July on the awesome sci-fi channel Dust!


Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures. A book by J.R. Jordan.

An extremely readable account of the career of American cinema’s genuine true greats.