The 5D Youtube channel now includes a Podcast.

In my apparently never-ending quest for love, adoration and ultimate world domination I felt recently that I need…….well……more, much more. I wasn’t satisfied with just the 5D website and the opportunities it offered me to wallow in the pool of sci-fi, fantasy and horror self-indulgence, no not at all. It was with this notion that the 5D YouTube channel was born a couple of months ago, and within it the 5D conversations took form. The 5D conversations are Skype interviews with assorted actors, producers, directors, creators from the world of Sci-fi, fantasy and horror. It’s true to say that this little venture has been keeping one rather busy with new episodes every Wednesday – and so far its been a real blast for me.

I can say without doubt that not one of the conversations has been a let down from my point of view, technical issues and my general ineptness in interviewing aside. I think perhaps the biggest thrill was in talking to the legendary and icon that is actor Vernon Wells, in which he talked about his long and varied career as an actor having appeared in some of the most famous films of the 1980’s including Mad Max 2: Road Warrior (with Mel Gibson), Commando (with Arnold Schwarzenegger), InnerSpace and Weird Science.

You can find the full 5D Conversations playlist at – 


Now a further playlist has been added to the channel in the form of a podcast – yes, there really is no escape from me. The podcast features yours truly from 5D & Zack from who will be discussing many things sci-fi, fantasy & horror related. Occasionally we may even get our facts right…… A new 5D Podcast episode will be published Bi-weekly on a Saturday.

So far there have been two episodes – you can find the link for the Podcast playlist RIGHT HERE.

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