So long, 2017 – The 5D Ego has landed!

Whether 2017 will go down as something of a special year for sci-fi, fantasy and horror is open to debate, it could well be that we won’t know for certain until the dust settles over the next few months. Yes there were some monster releases that took the limelight, namely a certain addition to the Star Wars stable with The Last Jedi, the long-awaited Blade Runner and the ‘feverishly anticipated’ remake of Jumanji. I was also going to mention the appearance finally on film of Stephen King’s masterpiece series, The Dark Tower, however the pain of the disappointment in that movie is still too raw to even contemplate musing on that monstrosity of a cinematic adaptation. Though if truth be told if Blade Runner was the touchstone of how to make a great reboot, then Jumanji was actually just another addition to the list of ‘Remakes/reboots/re-imaginings that nobody’s actually wanted & should never have taken place in the first bloody place’…….however more will be made of this in an upcoming Podcast.

Which brings me onto the real point of this little article, namely how much of a special year it has been for 5D…….That’s right, it’s self-indulgence time!


The 5D Ego has landed!

In my apparently never-ending quest for love, adoration and ultimate world domination I felt recently that I need…….well……more, much more. I wasn’t satisfied with just the 5D website and the opportunities it offered me to wallow in the pool of sci-fi, fantasy and horror self-indulgence, no not at all. In fact, if anything the website has been going from strength to strength as the 33,000 visits to the site in 2017 will testify! Now I would love to think that it was down to my fantastic abilities as a writer/blogger/interviewer and all-round humanitarian, however I know the real truth in that I have simply tapped into the cultural zeitgeist and basked in the contemporary notion that it’s rather cool these days to be a geek. Gone are the days (perhaps) when declaring ones love of science fiction, comic books and obscure horror films led to you being targeted with ridicule and derision.

No, nowadays it seems that proudly declaring oneself as a geek or a nerd is tantamount to wearing a badge of honour….. or so it seems. In truth the success (whatever that means) of 5D is down to the incredible website designed by Zack Anderson of, the site’s subject matter and the incredible list of talent I have had the pleasure to be in contact with over the year. This is no false modesty, just absolute fact…..though as always I wanted more.

It was with this notion of being unsatisfied that the 5D YouTube channel was born just a few short months ago, and within it the 5D conversations took form. The 5D conversations are Skype interviews with assorted actors, producers, directors, creators from the world of Sci-fi, fantasy and horror. It’s true to say that this little venture has been keeping one rather busy with new episodes every Wednesday – and so far its been a real blast for me.

I can say without doubt that not one of the conversations has been a let down from my point of view, technical issues and my general ineptness in interviewing aside. I think perhaps the biggest thrill was in talking to the legendary and icon that is actor Vernon Wells, in which he talked about his long and varied career as an actor having appeared in some of the most famous films of the 1980’s including Mad Max 2: Road Warrior (with Mel Gibson), Commando (with Arnold Schwarzenegger), InnerSpace and Weird Science.

If all that wasn’t enough for the 5D ego, another playlist has been added to the channel in the form of a Podcast – yes, there really is no escape from me. The Podcast features yours truly from 5D & Zack from who muse and rant on various things sci-fi, fantasy & horror related. Occasionally the discussions may be interesting, once or twice perhaps bordering on entertaining and sometimes we may even get our facts right…… A new 5D Podcast episode will be published each Saturday.

So far there have been seven episodes and thanks to the wonder skills of Zack from 8fifty2, a new Podcast page was added here on the 5D website where not only can you access the complete list of seminal broadcasts but you can access the link to the 5D YouTube channel itself. So please have a looksee at the Podcast page on this website and maybe even give it a listen, make a comment on the youtube page and subscribe…….go on, I’ll love you forever!

The outlook for 2018 is already looking rosey for 5D with a couple of ‘conversations’ for the YouTube channel already lined up, one of which I’m particularly excited about as it concerns a past cast member of The Walking Dead – so stay tuned!

All I would like to say for now is a huge thank you to each and every one that has contributed and communicated in whatever form with 5D. I don’t want to miss anybody out so I’ll just say……….




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