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A bit of 5D History

5D started as a simple little blog back in 2012. It began as some half-hearted musings of the often maligned genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror, all of which have formed the bedrock of my film & literature obsession. In all truth at the start writing the blog was something simply to pass the time and enable me to force my self-indulgent musings upon the world, whilst all the time trying not to take myself too seriously. However, something strange began to happen as people began to read my scribblings and soon I was being contacted from individuals around the world….. and even some of these people weren’t threatening me to stop!

I was astounded to learn that rather than requests of restraining orders, people not only liked my self-deprecating approach but also some even wanted to send me their work to promote & review on my blog. This began a love-affair with the incredible range of independent and low-budget productions from all around the world, particularly in science fiction and horror.

So where is 5D now?

The experience has now morphed into something else entirely, with this nifty website http://www.5d-blog.com which is full of news, reviews, interviews, competitions and dealing with many creative individuals of both mainstream and independent productions.

5D has also been lucky enough to have review quotes featured on a number of film trailers, DVD covers & book covers…… and well would you know, my scribblings have even won the odd award….

Am I a critic? No, absolutely not. Am I a scribbler who passionately muses on things he loves about Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror while making damn sure he keeps a sense of proportion and doesn’t take himself too seriously? Oh hell yes.

You may be asking just what makes us think that we can make this a website worth expanding into the brave new world of YouTube? Well over the last few years I would like to think that 5D has built a reputation and body of work around the world to the extent that the website now gets over 2000 hits per month. This reputation and support also transcends to people ‘in the business’ as the words of support below quite clearly show…,

“I’m ALL excited about this site! THE authority on “British productions and the independent minded – It’s where I go!!!!” : Peter Shinkoda – actor. (Nobo in the Daredevil TV series)

“This is very cool.”: Vincent D’Onofrio – actor. ( Kingpin in the Daredevil series, Criminal minds, Jurassic World, Full Metal Jacket):

“I have been a fan of Stuart Anderson and his 5-D Blog for a few years now, and I’ve enjoyed his intelligent, irreverent and passionate musings on the genres I love best. The thought of hearing Stu and his young lad on the air delights me! I’ll be supporting this effort and I ask you, my fellow sci-fi, fantasy and horror fans, to do the same. Stu is the genuine article. I’m proud to be his friend and his fan!”: Bill Oberst Jr. – LA based actor & horror icon.

“I absolutely love 5D. The Fifth Dimension Sci-fi/fantasy & horror group! Stuart really knows this genre backwards and forwards! Never a dull moment reading the fascinating material he writes! Love love love it!”: Ellen Dubin – Actress. (Lexx, Napoleon Dynamite).

“A great resource for in-depth reviews and informative interviews”: John Portonova – writer, producer, director.

The 5D YouTube Channel 

The plan is thus. Thanks to many of the contacts 5D has made over the years it means that there is a ready pool of talent that I can feature on the channel. The videos will take the form of Skype conversations with the various luminaries who I know who can be conned, persuaded, bribed, blackmailed or simply begged (my usual communication technique) to chat with yours truly about their careers, their hopes and dreams…..in fact anything that comes up. The conversations will be a mixture of recorded video chats and audio ones – this will usually depend on my level of technological ineptness at that particular time.

I’ve already sounded out a plethora of creative and interesting individuals, many have agreed to take part, others have agreed or offered to contribute music, images and other assorted goodies to the episodes. Hopefully the results will be as exciting, informative and downright entertaining as they currently are on paper – the only downside is that you will have to listen to my whiny voice and desperate attempt to actually ask decent questions and then keeping my mouth shut while the other (far more important person) speaks…..well, there’s always a first time.

The whole thing starts in October but the channel is actually in existence right now, it even has a video on it that was kindly sent by Paulo Leite while he was in Cannes planning his horror movie ‘Inner Ghosts‘. The video is dated from a couple of years ago as part of my involvement in helping get word out about the film. In the meantime, please feel free to subscribe to the 5D YouTube channel ahttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYhAN0Nlqg7614W2df_zI-g

So if you want to come along for the ride and experience something exciting in the world of Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror then I’d love you to join me. Thank you.

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