Apocalyptic Horror (2017) – Now on Amazon.

Director Mike Tack
Starring Keith Eyles, Richard Nock, Clive Ashenden
Studio Apocalyptic Conservatory Studios
BBFC rating Suitable for 18 years and over
Captions and subtitles English
Purchase rights Stream instantly
Format Amazon Video (streaming online video)


It was back in 2014 when the work of Mike Tack first came to my attention with his servings of short (in some cases VERY short) delicious torture horror films. While I readily admit in to not being the biggest fan of the sub-genre it’s safe to say that I was blown away by his films, One careful Owner, the follow-up cunningly titled Two careful Owners and the wonderful Hammer monster inspired Makeover.

Well this week I received the following message from the redoubtable Mr Tack;

“Hey – I just got my 1st feature film on amazon prime – free if ur a prime member

Would be cool if you could review it

Its basically all my short films from 2012 to 2016 – 74mins – I am sure you have not seen some of them!”

Well……putting aside the quite frankly lazy and atrocious grammar (I know, I know…pot calling kettle black! I hear you cry) I was nevertheless keen to put aside such concerns and check out my Amazon channel and see if I could see the film for myself……..and yes indeed I could.


A collection of twisted tales of terror from Director Mike Tack. Experience psychopathic killers, monsters. scarecrows, cowboys and cosplayers in this unique collection of officially selected film festival favourites.

Mike was correct, in this fabulous collection there were indeed a number of films that I hadn’t seen from the man and his company, Apocalyptic Conservatory Studios. I’ve picked out three favourite examples.


One Careful Owner

This is quite simply a rollercoaster of a 12 minute ride. If you enjoys oodles of really good gore, some clever special effects and an ending that will leave you speechless with its ultra-violent conclusion then this is for you.


Two careful owners

Having provided crooked car dealer Terry (Clive Ashenden) a rather painful lesson in not selling faulty cars to the likes of his now dead wife, Chris (Richard Nock) now continues his quest for bloody and gory revenge. Thanks to some brief but clever inserts of back story we learn that the death of Chris’s wife has a far more complex undertone than first seems. This time he finds that he has a particularly vile villain that he needs to spend some quality time with.Yes there are scenes of gory turn-your-face-away-from-the-screen intensity that will satisfy anyone who loves a serous quota of the stuff in their horror experience. What sets 2 Careful owners apart from others of the same ilk is the same quality of acting, pacing and editing of the story that took place in part one.

The acting in particular is surprisingly good (not something that could be said for all Indie shorts). Messrs Knock, Ashenden and Neil Martin are especially notable. Has 2 Careful owners changed my mind about torture horror? Well time will tell, especially if there are further stories of this quality of production. I will freely admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Oh and btw, watch and listen out for the rather fine closing credits when you get to see the movie, there is a distinct retro and groovy themed section of music. Nice.

It turns out that Mike also has soft spot for Hammer & monster movies and so sent me a link to a very short film that he recently made, thinking that I may well like it. The movie in question is called Makeover and it certainly does deal with the theme of a Monsters, or to be more specific, the very real monsters that might (well according to Mike’s obviously twisted mind) literally lie beneath the surface of some of us. He was quite correct, I did indeed like it.

The film has a running time of 3 mins 15 secs so you’ll forgive me for not going into any deep nuance of plot. Suffice to say, the production quality, camerawork and editing which made 2 Careful Owners stand out is more than on show here too – a fact that belies the simply unbelievable cost to make the film of just £425.

Makeover was made as Mike’s entry to the abc’s of death 2 competition in 2013 which featured 26 alphabet-inspired methods in which to depart this mortal coil, from a whole heap of horror filmmakers. Yes well done, Einstein – M was for Makeover. It is a very enjoyable and clever 3 minutes or so with an interesting, a well put together premise in regard to what really lies beneath the facade some (or indeed all) of the people who profess to know better in order to run our lives – no I’m not talking about celebrity cooks (though those bastards are certainly not to be trusted), I’m talking about those dastardly politicians.

You may watch Makeover and never look at David Cameron et all quite in the same way again, or it simply may confirm suspicions that many of us have often had about anyone who wishes to spend their existence in seats of power and intent on telling others what to do with their lives. If I want to screw up my own life then let me do so, I’m more than capable of doing that on my own!

I would heartily recommend that you visit Amazon and spend 1 hour 13 minutes of your time in the company of Mike Tack’s wonderfully sick and twisted mind – I promise you, you won’t regret it!

You can find the Amazon link for Apocalyptic Horror right here at https://t.co/bZupHu6R6k

BTW, 5D now also has a YouTube channel. You can find it (& maybe subscribe if you feel so inclined) at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYhAN0Nlqg7614W2df_zI-g


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