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This book was designed to be the most complete, most comprehensive, most innovative authority on hexcrawl roleplaying game adventuring ever produced.


After more than 35 years of gaming, both old-school through to today’s most popular systems, the Hexcrawl Toolkit takes one of the hobby’s oldest and most enduring concepts, and provides a passionate and well-organized guide for running hexcrawls, either as part of your campaign, or as the focus of them.  Designed to be used by new players, veteran G/DMs, those entirely new to hexcrawls, and solo players alike, this book will be immediately useful to any gaming group, in any context, using any rules system, for campaigns of any length–even those already in progress!


The goal of the book is to guide readers through the concepts at the reader’s own pace and preference.


If you’ve ever seen a module or other book with a hex map, and thought to yourself, how do I make one of those?  How do I make the one that’s there better?  This book is for you.


Hardcopy Note

Both hardcover and softcover prints of this book are planned, and should be available to order in June 2023.  Anyone who already owns the PDF version of this book at that point will receive a discount code to purchase the hardcopy of their choice at a discount which reflects their existing investment.  (So there’s no reason to wait, right? :))




What is This Thing?

The Hexcrawl Toolkit contains dozens of topics, organized into the following sections:

Introduction, QuickStart, & Checklists


Movement, Speed, & Visibility

Navigation & Long Journies

Points of Interest

Encounters & Combat


Mapping & Cartography

Appendix: Utility Tables, Visual Reference, & Blank Hex Grids




Why Do You Care?

This book was written to contain any and all of the rules a G/DM or solo adventurer could possibly want or need to run their own hexcrawl campaign, design and build their own hexcrawl map, or even author and publish their own hexcrawl worlds.

This book will help you if:

If you’re new to TTRPGs entirely.

If you’re new to hexcrawls and have never seen a map with hexes.

If you’re a veteran G/DM who wants to elevate the scope and scale of their adventures.

If you’re an experienced hexcrawler who wants to take the detail, realism, scalability, or thoroughness of their approach to the next level.

If you’re designing your own fantasy world, and want to use a hex map to represent your vision.

If you have no time before the next gaming session, and the PCs are traveling across the wilderness.

If you want to dynamically generate an infinite diversity of adventure content on a continental scale.

If you’re a solo player who’s looking for that ever-elusive element of surprise and inspiration for massively-detailed, ever-unfolding adventures on a realm-wide scale.


The FlexTale Difference

The goal here is that if you have ten minutes, or ten weeks, to prepare for a game session, there’s something in this book that will help you out enormously.


The Hexcrawl Toolkit features the FlexTale approach to gaming design: the content herein supports ANY set of PCs of ANY level, and scales accordingly.  No two adventures or quests are the same.


The majority of the book is system-agnostic, and can be used easily with any TTRPG system.  Some specific tools and elements contain rules language tailored to 5E, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition (P2E), OSR, and Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC).


What’s Included

The Hexcrawl Toolkit features:

Over 190 tables, each designed to take minimal time to randomly determine dynamic adventure content or select from amongst well-described and easy-to-implement options.

Simplified FlexAI rules to drive dynamic and interesting creature behavior in combat and in social interactions.

And much, much more!


FlexTale Hexcrawl Toolkit can be accessed here at DriveThruRPG


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