Hell’s Half Acre (2017)

Directors: Chad Fuller & Matt Green
Writers: Chad Fuller & Matt Green
Cast: Alonzo Pennington, Andy Grace,Shannon Stockin. James Stokes, Lee Vervoort, Cindy Maples, Evan Logsdon, Nathan Carson, Caia England, Matt Green, Kathy West, Chad Fuller, Nathan Austin, Karol Welch.
Release Date:
7 October 2017 (USA)
Short | Horror


It’s been something of a busy week here at 5D with a bunch of requests for reviews, some nice swag received and also having the opportunity to chat with two genuine film icons for the 5D YouTube channel  – Bill Oberst Jr. and the legendary Vernon Wells.

One of the review requests that came my way was from all the way across the pond in Kentucky, U.S.A. Chad Fuller asked me if I would like to post some musings on his latest short film Hell’s Half Acre. In all honesty, bring a little busy with all my self-obsessional plans for world domination meant that I was a little reluctant to do so. However if nothing else, the film’s title alone persuaded me to watch the 30 minute film and put finger to keyboard.

Let me slyly slide a synopsis your way while nobody is looking……..

“A paranormal team on their way from another investigation, stop in Kentucky for a look at a locally haunted place called “Hell’s Half Acre”. Soon things go terribly wrong.”

The opening shots of Hell’s Half Acre are simply sublime as the off-colour grading adds to the visual effect of taking us back in time to the old west, the opening scenes witnessing a farming family suffering a brutal attack from a couple of a couple of dastardly outlaws. It’s safe to say that things don’t go well for the farmer and his family and so the proceedings for the rest of the film are laid in the violent curse and the revenge the farmer states he will take with his dying breath…..and so with it the myth of the local area is born as a place to avoid for the locals, because things that go bump in the night seem to happen there. One of those things that go ‘bump’ happens to be a long-dead farmer who is intent on all to revenge.

Of course , this being the wonderful world of movies, not all the locals listen to the advice to avoid Hell’s Half Acre and with it the town outsiders are also drawn to the legend of the place. In this particular case the outsiders who really should know better are a band of paranormal investigators to decide to, er, investigate, the brutal history of the area. What could possibly go wrong?……..

Hell’s Half Acre is a distinctly likeable and enjoyable 30 minutes viewing experience. As I alluded to earlier, the film is nicely shot and in parts looks simply lovely. Whilst a couple of the characters come from a familiar horror trope they are on the whole entertaining with some sparkling and often humorous dialogue throughout. Add to the mix a very acceptable slasher killer in the form of the blood-lusting vengeful farmer and you have some equally familiar, but entertaining, horror ingredients.

Whilst this film isn’t going to (nor attempting) to reinvent the slasher genre it nevertheless does itself justice. The only real negative aspect is that some of the acting is a little uneven from parts of the cast and occasionally lessens the emotional impact in certain scenes. However this is but a small issue because on the whole, Hell’s Half Acre is a perfectly good way to spend half an hour of ones time with a group of filmmakers who clearly are passionate about not only the horror genre but also in the intention to produce genuine entertainment.

Hell’s Half Acre was released earlier in October and will not only be doing the festival rounds but will also soon be released on DVD.


You can find out more about the film at the following links;

The IMDB page at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6224900/?ref_=nm_flmg_act

The Facebook page can be located at https://www.facebook.com/hellshalfacreshortfilm/


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