In The Dark: brand new sci fi puzzle game for the Gameboy


  • Pre-orders open Saturday, 19th March 2022 9pm UK Time – Bitmap Soft, Bryan Taylor and Tom Lockwood have teamed up to release a brand new sci fi puzzle game for the GB and GBC



Key Features

  • 100 Progressively Perplexing Curated Puzzles to solve in a 3×3 format   
  • Random Mode – With over 500 possible puzzle combinations
  • A “Par” is set for each level to push you to find the quickest solution     
  • 20 Colour Palette Variants to Unlock – unlock through progress and by clearing Pars
  • Detailed artwork and story cutscenes
  • Super Game Boy support with custom SGB Border
  • Save Game (with Data Clear function)
In The Dark

In The Dark is a brain-teasing assembly of puzzles where there is but one goal – turn off all of the lights. Each light when turned on or off will flip the states of the lights adjacent to it. For detailed information and to view the playable demo, head to the itch page here.
In The Dark will be released as a physical edition including:

  • Professionally produced box
  • In the Dark on Cartridge (black shell) in a Dust Case
  • Full colour manual
  • Die Cut Sticker


You can find out more at
In the Dark will also be released digitally as a downloadable Game Boy ROM through
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