Kevin Spacey signs on to appear in British thriller – ‘Control’




It has been revealed this week that actor Kevin Spacey has booked a role in an upcoming British indie thriller, Variety has learned exclusively.


The feature, titled “Control” from Cupsogue Pictures, will see the embattled actor play a voice role, similar to Kiefer Sutherland’s in 2002 film “Phone Booth.” 


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Kevin Spacey (Left), Gene Fallaize (Right)


Written and directed by Gene Fallaize (“Superman Requiem”), “Control” tells the story of a British government minister, Stella Simmons, who has embarked on a torrid affair with the Prime Minister. One night, as Simmons heads home in her self-driving car, she finds the vehicle remotely hijacked by someone who knows her secret and wants revenge. Soon, the car is taken on a rampage through the streets of London with Simmons trapped inside.

Starring Kevin Spacey, Lauren Metcalfe & Mark Hampton

Writer/Director Gene Fallaize

Produced by Adam SouthwickEmily Fallaize Lauren Metcalfe Pete Griff

Editor/Composer Joseph Bennie

Cinematographer Jamie Walker

Asst. Director Alex Mill

Stunt Coord Spencer Collings

AC Maria Lee Metheringham

Produced by Cupsogue Pictures

In association with CineNorth Studios


Note from 5D:

Now it just so happens that the director of this particular project, Gene Fallaize, has been a Facebook friend for some time now after chatting with us a couple of years ago about his projects. So, it stands to reason that I intend to fully exploit that friendship honour our valued connection by providing more insight and information as the opportunity arises. So keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime,…….

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