5D Sci-fi, fantasy & horror Podcast: Granite City Comic Con confirmed for a sponsorship period.

In the 5D Podcast this week we were delighted, nay thrilled, nay ecstatic to announce that the first organisation to take up the mantle of sponsoring our podcast are Granite City Comic Con!

The GCCC team will be sponsoring us for a month in the new year. As yet it’s all a bit secretive as to so of the tasty little geeky morsals we’ll be imparting about the 2020 event. However, the one little piece of inside intel I can pass your way is that there are a number of behind-the-scenes plans being put in place at this very moment – so stay tuned!

So if you are not familiar with the north east of Scotland’s prime pop culture event, let me push their info your way…..

The first ever Granite City Comic-Con was held on Saturday 30th May 2015 in Aberdeen.  A big thanks to all our guests, all our volunteers, vendors and the hordes of nerds from across the UK (and further afield) who came along and ensured that Granite City Comic-Con will go on to become a staple in the North East culture calendar. In 2015 we raised over £3000 for local charity CLAN Cancer Support.

Our 2016 Event proved to be an outstanding follow up, this year our venue was THE HILTON TREETOPS, and guests included Robert Llewellyn, Star Wars actors Garrick Hagon and Paul Blake, alongside some great comic book talent, including Judge Dredd creator John Wagner.

In 2017 we returned to the Hilton with even bigger and brasher show, hosting voice acting legends Steve Blum and Mary McGlynn, alongside Star Wars favourites Peter Roy, Michael Henbury and Gerald Home; and comic creators John Wagner, Glenn Fabry and Ryan Brown.
In 2018 we moved to the Richard Donald Stand at Pittodrie Stadium for our biggest show ever – featuring the talents of actors Paul McGann and Hattie Hayridge, ILM Visual Effects guru Dan Snape and a wealth of new attractions.

In 2019 we returned the Hilton Treetops on Saturday 24th August – stay tuned for more announcements!


If you would like to sponsor us then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – have a quick look at some of the things we can offer……

There are a number of special introductory offers ranging from single episodes, a block of 4 episodes (1 month in total) or even longer if required.

This would get you for each period; clickable promotion on the 5d website and all our social media channels In Podcast mentions in pre-roll, post-roll and/or mid-roll mentions in show notes and website blog post Your logo & info prominently displayed on a separate ‘Sponsored by’ page on the website……. And of course, not to mention our passion and personality in the process!


In the latest 5D episode we talk about the news to drop this week that Colin Farrell is in talks to play the Penguin in the upcoming The Batman. There is a legendary read through of the ‘bot created’ Batman & Superman script in which Zack lost himself in the part! If all that wasn’t enough there’s talk about the latest album from Werewolves in Siberia as well as new sponsors for the 5D Podcast – Granite city Comic Con! Plus much more…..

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