Support Graham McTavish’s Directorial Debut!

Graham McTavish, Adam Sigal & Brandon Menchen are joining forces to make the hilariously creepy film, “This Guest of Summer.”  Graham stars in the film alongside his old Outlanderfriends, Duncan Lacroix & Stephen Walters and some fellow dwarves from his Hobbit days, Dean O’Gorman & Adam Brown.

“TGOS” is the story of 3 out of work actors who agree to spend a weekend in the country, fixing up their more successful friend’s new cottage.  The cottage is nestled in the charming community of FLOSSOM.  Unfortunately, an incontinent pigeon and a poor sense of direction send our trio off on an adventure they’ll never forget.  (Seriously.  They’ll wake up screaming for years.)

The team want to crowd source some of the funding so you can be a part of making the film happen and can get some cool rewards, too!

To find out how people can help contribute to this project then go to the film’s Indiegogo page