Award winning writer Jim Alexander book signing in Aberdeen on 6th April.

Jim Alexander is delighted to announce that he’s doing a signing of his debut novel, GoodCopBadCop, at Asylum Books & Games store in Aberdeen on Saturday 6th April.

It’s been my pleasure to have known Jim since first meeting him at the inaugural Granite City Comic Con some years ago.In a nutshell, Jim has written “Judge Dredd”, “Calhab Justice”, “O’Rork” and “Pandora” for the Judge Dredd Megazine and “The Grid” for 2000 AD in the early mid 1990s. Since then he was worked for Marvel, DC, Tokyopop and Metal. As CV’s go that’s annoying good…….

In 2012 he set up a small-press label called Planet Jimbot. Its publications include Amongst the Stars (drawn by Mike Perkins), Wolf Country (drawn by Luke Cooper), the anthology Amazing & Fantastic Tales and Savant (drawn by Will Pickering and Fin Cramb; originally conceived for Strip Magazine). GoodCopBadCop and Gabriel have also been rebranded as Planet Jimbot comics  Click Here for more info.

GoodCopBadCop is a hugely enjoyable no-holds-barred romp of unhinged psychosis and violence (and I’m not just talking about the bad guy). The dialogue, courtesy of Mr Alexander, is as crisp and dynamic as ever which provides a nicely authentic feel of that area of the world without ever falling into Rab.C. Nesbitt territory of pastiche. As I’ve already mentioned, this is a violently harsh tale (though it must be said, not without its humour) that deals with subjects that some may find challenging in their grim depiction.

However, don’t just take my word for it (you’ve learnt that lesson before),  Check out the plethora of tasty reviews up on GoodReads, including of course a review from my good/bad self (see what I did there)!

I personally found the reading experience completely pleasurable – so if you’re in the Aberdeen area on Saturday then come along and grab a signed copy for yourself. With every signing he’ll do a personal reading from the novel and throw in a free copy of one of his graphic novels…….. the only downside that I see for Jim is that 5D will also be paying him a visit!

BTW – The latest episode of the 5D Podcast is now available!


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