‘Beneath’ – the new Sci-fi thriller from Cupsogue Pictures set for 2020 release.

Press release – LONDON, 2019.

CUPSOGUE PICTURES is pleased to announce Gene Fallaize’s latest film ‘Beneath’, which stars Lydia Hearst and is co-produced by Lydia Hearst and Adam Southwick. Production is scheduled to take place in late 2019, with the movie set to be released in late 2020.


“Beneath” is a Sci-Fi Thriller that follows Emily Weaver (Hearst) – an independent and headstrong salvage hunter – on board a single-person submersible searching for the wreckage of missing airline East675. As a determined Weaver dives to new depths, she soon discovers that it is what you can’t see that you should be afraid of.

Lydia Hearst stars & produces..

The film, written by Gavin John and Gene Fallaize, stars American actress and supermodel Lydia Hearst (The Haunting of Sharon Tate, Z Nation). Hearst is co-producer, alongside Adam Southwick, while Gene Fallaize is the director. You can follow the film’s progress on Twitter (@Beneath_Movie) and Facebook (facebook.com/beneathmovie).

5D interviews with the production team.

In our time-honoured tradition of making sure that we here at 5D get in on the action, we hope in the next few weeks to be able to talk with some of the talented individuals involved in the making of this film. Of course, it will mean that they will have to deal with the legendary piercing and insightful questions from yours truly – but I’m hopeful that they may cope…….

To begin with, we chat with co-writer and director Gene Fallaize on the 23rd August. This interview will appear subsequently here on the 5D website and also on our sister YouTube channel.

About Cupsogue Pictures.

Cupsogue Pictures is an award-winning* full-service high-end professional motion picture production company that develops film and television productions from pitch right through to distribution, including script sourcing/expansion, production rights, legal & chain of title matters, cast & crew acquisition, and complete in-production support both on and off set, as well as marketing and complete post production packages including editing, dubbing, and film scoring and full DVD & VOD distribution, and all at an affordable rate.

We have close contacts at all of the major studios, as well as links with the biggest production and distribution companies around the world, in addition to our own in-house marketing and distribution services.

You can find the company’s website RIGHT HERE.

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In the latest 5D Podcast we talk about our plans for the 5D appearance at Aberdeen’s own Pop Culture event, Granite City Comic Con. In addition there’s chat about our favourite monents from The Boys plus a little more chat about Hobbs & Shaw.

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