Check out the Indiegogo campaign for Travis Bain’s Secret Zombie Comedy Short Film

Long time friend of 5D, Aussie filmmaker Travis Bain currently has a crowdfunding campaign for his latest movie venture – check it out!


The Sapphire Pictures team has had a great track record in recent years, with multiple award-winning short films (Parrot Ice Tours, Little Nippers) and feature films (Throwback, Landfall) to our credit. And now we’re making a brand-new short featuring two things that don’t normally go together: zombies and laugh-out-loud comedy. We’re not making this bonkers zom-com to make any kind of deep statement, or win acclaim from the arts elites, we’re making it purely for fun. Help us make it happen!
What’s the film?
A short 8-minute zombie comedy, whose title and premise will be revealed a bit later in 2019 when we’re getting closer to launching it. Horror and humour have always been good together – look at the Evil Dead  films, for example – so we’re going to mix them up with a uniquely Australian spin! Nothing quite  like this has been done before, so you’re in for a real treat. We want to make this film to have fun and celebrate a group of specific people in our society whom we admire and respect. And that’s all we can say at this point … but trust us, you’re gonna love it!

Who are you guys?

We’re Sapphire Pictures, a group of passionate indie filmmakers in Cairns, Australia, led by writer/director Travis Bain.

Our films have won awards and screened at film festivals across Australia and around the world. They include:

  • Parrot Ice Tours (short film, 2014)
  • Throwback (feature film, 2014)
  • Little Nippers (short film, 2015)
  • Landfall (feature film, 2017)
  • Starspawn: Overture (short film, coming 2019)

Making entertaining indie films on low budgets is our jam, and on this project we’ve got the best special effects makeup artists in North QLD on board, including Kelly Moran, Jessica Lynn and the incredible Sue Kim, who recently did the makeup FX for the blockbuster Cairns stage production of Wicked.

 To find out more about the Indiegogo campaign and the reward offers available then go the page RIGHT HERE.





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