First poster revealed for Western-horror “Spirit Reckoning”

Wild west horror “Spirit Reckoning”, by writer-director Jimmy Lee Combs and Heart and Fire Productions, has unveiled the first poster, teasing the tone of the upcoming film.

“Spirit Reckoning”, which is due to lens later this year, takes place in circa 1875, and tells the story of Sam Conley, a farmer with a wicked gambling addiction trying to make ends meet for his family. Upon returning home, Sam is killed by some petty outlaws alongside his wife and child. To return the favor on a good deed Sam did for the Indian people, a Shaman brings Sam’s spirit back from the dead as an avenging skull cowboy.

However, this comes with its set of side effects as Sam’s emotions intensify making him feel rage more extreme and sadness more deep than the normal person, which brings humility to Sam much like Frankenstein’s Monster.

“Spirit Reckoning” is a wild ride, that combines the elements of horror with the setting of a Western, seeing the protagonist go on a high octane, bullet-trenched, blood-soaked revenge spree. Who will prevail?

More details to be announced at a later stage.

In the meantime you can see and hear Jimmy talk to us a few weeks ago in which he talked a little about his plans for this movie at



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