Request from filmmaker Mark MacNicol for Spiritualist consultant.

Mark MacNicol is currently shooting the script for his film ‘Dreaded Light’. The movie is about a recently widowed father is struggling to cope with his grief as well as his two teenage daughters. The youngest has developed a fear of daylight – The eldest died when she was a baby.

The feature film explores themes of spritualism, life after death plus much more.

Mark is genuinely keen to make sure the details are as authentic as possible and so is wanting to talk with any members of the Spiritualist church, or even better a Spiritualist Medium. Please could any interested parties contact us here at 5D via the contact page at . 

I will make sure any contacts are passed onto to Mark straight away.

In order to get a better understanding of the film and it’s themes see the info trailer RIGHT HERE.



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5D Podcast: On the set of the sci-fi epic ‘The Time War’ plus some chat about The Walking Dead season 9 Ep 9.


In the latest podcast episode Stuart & Zack chat about visiting the set of The Time War, a time travelling epic directed by Neil Johnson & starring Tracey Birdsall. There is also chat about episode 9 of The Walking Dead season 9.


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