Reward packages announced for Mark MacNicol’s new horror film!

Mark MacNicol is currently shooting the script for his film ‘Dreaded Light’. The movie is about a recently widowed father is struggling to cope with his grief as well as his two teenage daughters. The youngest has developed a fear of daylight – The eldest died when she was a baby.

The feature film explores themes of spritualism, life after death plus much more.

This weekend Mark announced that the crowdfunding campaign had now been launched and includes a range of enticing reward packages. If you’re interested in taking equity/shares in the film (government refunds available) Mark will send you a detailed investor outline with all business/accountant info. Also as an investor in addition to your shares/equity you will receive all rewards from each crowd fund package.

In addition there are a selection of tasty reward mortals to whet your appetite….. For example, for £25 you can get behind the scenes updates, an early download of the film and bonus features. The rewards move in stages through to £100 where you get the previous swag as well as your name on the website and a copy of the movie poster…..and further through reward stages to the big daddy, because £1000 gets you all the previous goodies, a part as an extra, limited edition whiskey glass, VIP treatment, producer credits AND shares in the film!

Go to the website RIGHT HERE for more details.


BTW Mark, poster….cough…..poster……




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