The post-production crowdfunder is now live for Tellurian – The Feature length SCI-FI Film

The good people at Iron Star Films have been working on Tellurian for around two years.  During that time they have been fundraising as certain points in production to help them complete the film. It started as proof of concept short film but recently they decided to complete the feature film ourselves as they had filmed 60 min of the 90 min script! With 14 days completed out of 18, they stretched their initial budget as far as possible. No easy task! They hope you can help the raise what we need to complete the film.

A Sci-fi set 15 years after Extra Terrestrials have laid siege to earth destroying the human populations ability to procreate and removing the youngest generation completely. Humankind survives in pockets of resistance, but are quickly losing numbers and Hope.


Until one child reappears. The last to have been born on earth. Wanted by both sides of the conflict. It is up to our hero Walsh and his team to track down the child and protect him from not only alien capture but a sinister plan to wipe out for humanity for good.

You find much more information on the film, the films makers and the Indiegogo campaign at the link RIGHT HERE





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