Twilight Hotel – Press Release for new Kickstarter campaign

There will be a full-blown blog article on this incredible comic book later this week, but for now see below for the latest press release for Twilight Hotel from Square Biz Entertainment.



The journey continues, from comic book to motion picture, “TWILIGHT HOTEL” the BLOOD-SOAKED love letter to fans of all things horror moves one step closer to achieving its ultimate goal…

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – April 1, 2018. “TWILIGHT HOTEL”, is a 4-issue horror comic book series, from the production team of Ra X, and Darrell Smith the creators of the award winning and critically acclaimed indie horror film, “RAGE”.

Twilight Hotel is the first offering from their new company Square Biz Entertainment, a publishing and movie production company specializing in horror genre product.

Twilight Hotel is the story of a 100-year-old West Florida hotel that has a very sinister secret. Built on land that was once the home of the most notorious plantation in all of North America, where thousands of African slaves and Seminole Indians were murdered in ritualistic ceremonies. It is also home to an ANCIENT EVIL DEITY named… “SHE”. With a supernatural ability to attract and influence people, she lures unwitting individuals to the Twilight where they are subjected to many horrible things including, MAN-EATING BED BUGS, PSYCHOTIC GANGSTERS, ZOMBIES, SERIAL KILLERS and worst of all… themselves.

In October of last year, after being joined by artist Michael Aryn, the team launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and produced the series’ first issue… receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the comic book community the team has decide to do it again… except this time they will be looking to fund the remaining 3 issues in the series and they are bringing alone a “little” help from three BIG talents, Master of the dark art, CHET ZAR, and renowned comic book artists, RYAN & ADAM BROWN. The buzz from the book led to meetings with these artists who liked the book so much, they wanted to contribute to its success.

So, this coming Friday the 13th Square Biz Comics with the help of these major league artist will launch a new Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to complete the balance of the series…. and, on the same day they’ll be at this year’s Monsterpalooza where Chet Zar will unveil his Twilight Hotel cover art. If you’re in attendance, you won’t want to miss it. Also, the team of Ra X and Darrell Smith are in early development on a feature film version of the comic and the funding and completion of the series, brings that one step closer to a reality.

Contact Info:
Darrell E. Smith; COO
310-365-2943 or 310-489-4745




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