5D Podcast

The podcast features Stuart from 5D & Zack who will be discussing many things sci-fi, fantasy & horror related. Occasionally we may even get our facts right...... A new 5D Podcast episode will be published weekly on a Saturday.

All podcasts along with the 5D conversations with Actors and Directors can be found on the 5D YouTube Channel

So what is concept of the 5D podcast? - in essence to have a little fun, not take ourselves too seriously and chat about things sci-fi, fantasy and horror related. Each episode of around 40 mins takes in each week any number of our individual obsessions; including some regular references to the Walking Dead, Star Wars, the Marvel universe as well as musings on anything that catches our geeky interest. Are we experts? No, absolutely not. Are we a couple of fools who passionately muse on things we love about Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror while making damn sure we keep a sense of proportion and have a good laugh? Oh hell yes.


Blogger, reviewer and interviewer on the 5D YouTube channel  -  quite simply a geek who refuses to grow up until his rightful place as King of the world is achieved. His first act of world ruler will be to insist that Blade Runner & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are included on all levels of the educational curriculum.


Content Editor and Designer for the 5D-blog.com website, 3D Artist for 8fifty2 and overall bad ass. Often talks about how he has no real interest in the Sci-Fi genre, yet he spends valuable time each week talking specifically about Sci-Fi... Favourite film is: Hitch and he enjoys long walks on the beach.