Postcard From The Apocalypse – Please support the crowdfunding campaign for this Sci-fi short.

A few days ago I was awoken from my traditional summer holiday early-afternoon drunken slumber in the garden (don’t judge me) by a seemingly ultra loud email notification on my iPad. After a few fleeting moments of trying to recollect where and who I was I then patiently awaited for my eyes to fully focus in the bright Scottish sunshine (yes, we do have sunshine up here) before I decided to read the message.

The email in question came from Christina Littleson, a producer of a short Sci-film currently being made called Postcard from the Apocalypse. The message from Christina read as follows;

Hi. I know this is probably a big ask, but I am making a short Sci Fi film and we are running a small, short crowdfunder to cover some expenses of making the film. I am looking for any possible publicity for the film and the crowdfunder and was wondering if you could help? Even just by sharing the details and link on your page? It would be very much appreciated as I am trying to offer the crowdfunding perks to scifi fans that will actually appreciate them and will also be interested in the finished film.”

Now, I would love to think that the reason Christina thought that it would be ‘a big ask’ was because 5D is by now being so busy, respected and utterly influential in the Sci-fi, fantasy and horror community, not to mention getting all chummy with a number of well-known luminaries, that we may simply not have the time for the smaller productions – a perfectly understandable assumption methinks.

However the truth behind her initial reticence is probably more accurate, namely that a) My extended summer afternoons of lazy nothingness have now become legendary, and/or b) The excess of red wine once the sun is past the yard arm means that I may no longer be capable of much of anything. Specifically, no more attaching my name to up and coming productions in the hope that I can bask in the reflected adoration of individuals far more talented  than I could ever hope to be.

Nope not at all. Though If enjoying the summer afternoons drinking wine with a good graphic novel in between dozing in the sun paid the paid the bills, well lets face facts, I would be quids in, However it doesn’t. So it’s back to my ultimate objective of world domination for 5D, which funnily enough also doesn’t pay the bills…….though it does help that interesting and exciting projects such as this come along.

Postcard from the Apocalypse is set in the not so distant future, two escaped mental patients set out on an adventure of their own making but are they running away or towards danger. Neil is sick. It has been eight years since December the 12th 2012 and the incident. Locked away from the outside world in a psychiatric facility he has befriended Lucy. When Lucy springs them free they set off into the unknown. But can Neil decide what reality is real?

The story evolved from conversations and ramblings between writer/director Greg Andrew and collaborator Robb Wallace, theories of ancient aliens, inter dimensional beings and the great government cover up. These theories and ideas where the starting point to what became the fictional story of Neil and Lucy. The short is being produced by Christina Littleson of Wildcat Media Ltd

Why crowdfund?

The hardest thing in filmmaking is raising the funds to get things made. The team have been very fortunate than on the long journey of development many people have given their time and effort for free (and continue to do so) towards getting this short film made.

There are many elements that need to be taken care of such as catering, transport, equipment, post production material and festival expenses that your help through crowd funding will help us complete this journey and get Postcard from the Apocalypse made and on the big screen across the world.

There are a number of easy little rewards on offer for those lovely individuals who who be kind enough to part with their hard earned money and contribute to the campaign; Just a few of the offer include; £1 can make feel good knowing you helped an independent film achieve its goal. They will also give you a shout out on social media as ​thanks. £15 means that as well Asa media shout out and exclusive postcard you will also receive a signed script by cast and crew. Not the shooting script, but the original 30 page script which the final shooting script came from and with alternative ending and all the characters background. The rewards go right up to £100 for the company sponsorship which entitles the backer to their companie’s name in the film, credits and on all official sites, press kits etc (this film is sponsored by…) an invite for you and 3 colleagues to attend the screening and wrap party.

At the time of writing this there are 20 days left for the team to reach their £300 target. You can find out much more about the film, the team behind it and the crowdfunding campaign for Postcard From The Apocalypse RIGHT HERE.


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