The 5D Diary (21st Jan 2018)

We were almost skipping with uncontrollable delight here at 5D headquarters this week when the 5D YouTube channel received it’s 150th subscriber. Now of course that figure is some way off the 1000 subscriber mark until any money could be gleaned from the venture, but nevertheless it’s safe so say that I was as chuffed as a middle-aged Geek could be. After all dear readers, you know me by now….. it’s not the money I’m in this game for, nope not at all. Rather, it’s the sheer unadulterated superficial adulation, positive affirmation and public appreciation of my self-absolved musings that keeps my ego going.

One of the reasons for the boost in subscribers (apart from the incredible 5D Podcast and the outstanding 5D Conversations) is no doubt the current 5D Competition that is currently running. The winner of this 5D competition will receive a package of assorted goodies; A copy of the brand new Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars, a Patient 62 t-shirt, a copy of Brit fantasy film Knights of the Damned and the horror classic The Evil Within. If all that wasn’t enough a few other goodies are included, such as a Marvel notebook, a Star Wars notebook and a Star Wars; Rogue One poster book….. there may yet even more added. The winner will be chosen at random when the 200 subscriber mark is achieved.

Not satisfied with just one current 5D competition, 5D teamed up again with the wonderful chaps at for a slightly different prize. Zack from 8fifty2 will be creating for the lucky winner a one-off digital download 3D piece of art  – namely a classic sci-fi vehicle of the winners choice from the following list;

* The DeLorean (Back to the Future)
* Batmobile
* Millennium Falcon
* Starship Enterprise (Next Generation)
* Thunderbird 2
* Tardis
* X-wing fighter
* Ghostbusters
* Death Star
* TIE fighter
* War of the worlds alien

The lucky winner can also request the context/scenario of the setting for their choice and Zack will aim to accommodate the request as near as possible. This piece of art will NEVER be replicated and will be genuinely one of a kind.

This competition will only be open to the kind souls who opt to become a patron of The 5D Patreon page and will run until the end of February. If you are not chosen at the sole winner you will still receive a digital download piece of 3D art from Zack, though this will not be an exclusive one time only piece…but nonetheless, still great. In addition, by becoming a Patron, people will get to experience first some exclusive interviews, blog entries, roundups, and longer versions of some articles – and they will also be part of a select community of subscribers.

Patrons can potentially appear/advertise on the Podcast, contribute to a 5D Conversation as well as sending me ideas or suggestions, such as films, comics, books and events to promote on all the 5D platforms. If you wish to become a fully paid up member of the 5D universe then just visit our Patreon page and do that thing you do!

Talking as I was a couple of paragraphs ago, about the 5D Podcast (which of course can also be accessed in the Podcast page of this very website) Zack and I this week provided some of our usual nonsensical musings on all manner of geeky delights; The subjects this time included some chat about Zack’s new obsession, Star Trek: Discovery, a rather less than satisfying viewing for me from a recommendation by Zack and some shared excitement about a rather exciting new series due to hit Netflix at the beginning of February, Altered Carbon.

If all that wasn’t enough for my rampant need for self-indulgent musings I also found time to produce a blog article in celebration of the 70th birthday of my favourite ever director, a certain Mr John Carpenter. The link can be found RIGHT HERE and highlights my unadulterated love for his work, in particular the classic Assaults on Precinct 13….. a sheer delight.

So until the next 5D Diary update – have yourselves a marvellous week.!

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