The 5D Diary (4th March 2018)

The 5D Diary this week is proud to announce that the 5D Podcast was added to the Tunein Radio directory. Yes, yes I know what your’re thinking …. “Are there any lengths Stuey boy that you won’t go to make sure that every single person in the known universe has the chance of being force-fed your damned Podcast?!!?” And of course you’d be right, I will stop at nothing, nothing at all.

The 5D Podcast can now heard in the following sources;

ITunes –

Tunein Radio –

YouTube –

By the time this article appears the latest episode will have been published, though I must admit to being in a state of emotional upheaval at the goings on during the recording. It had all been going so well, my co-host Zack and I had been discussing amongst other things, the latest Netflix original movie, Mute and the upcoming Tomb Raider Film. Things then took a turn for the worst when the latest Top Trumps competition took place, this time a Jennifer Lawrence v Sandra Bullock face-off. The previous week’s podcast had seen some major cheating by my co-host during the Tom Hardy vs Bruce Willis face-off when Zack pulled out of his bag some obscure cricket narration Mr Hardy had some some years ago. The said narration had been reviewed by 7 people (yes, that’s SEVEN people!) but this saw his 100% blow my 98% Rotten Tomatoes rating out of the water. Not that I was bitter or anything………..

History repeated itself this week as it saw Zack once again pull out another legally debatable example, this time from the work of Jennifer Lawrence. You’ll have to listen for yourself to gauge the level of ‘losing it’ that yours truly experienced when I realised I was going to lose yet another face-off! Very funny stuff if I do say myself!

The last week has also seen a couple of 5D conversations recorded and published. The first finally saw me able to chat with Canadian actor Mike Dopud (Arrow, Dark Matter, Power, 2047: Virtual Revolution).  Mike & I have tried on a number of occasions to do the conversation deed, but alas the schedule of Mr Dopud kept getting in the way with demands on his time. Thankfully Mr Dopud was not disappointment in any way at all with some fabulous stories of his filming experiences, in particular a fabulous story about his X-Files experience with Gillian Anderson.

The only downside was that the video segment didn’t record, leaving me with just the audio……not ideal, but it could have been worse. The rumour that the problem was caused by any form of technological ineptness on my part will be dealt with in the usual way from my team of international litigation legal experts. So you can watch, er listen to, the conversation RIGHT HERE

The second conversation (with video this time, hurrah!) took place with actor Stephen Hunter who played Bombur in The Hobbit movies. It was another hugely enjoyable experience for me as Stephen regaled with some great stories about filming with Peter Jackson and the rest of the ensemble cast……. with one or two titbits about Aidan Turner and James Nesbitt. You can catch the interview RIGHT HERE to see what I mean.



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