The 5D Diary (10th Feb) – The 5D Podcast on iTunes & some 5D Conversations news.

Once again my never-ending quest for world domination leapt into yet another gear with the 5D Podcast now also appearing on iTunes. You can find the link at

In the latest Podcast Stuart from 5D & Zack from chat about the SpaceX launch this week, the brand new Han Solo trailer & some final love for Altered Carbon. In addition there’s an Arnie Vs Sly Stallone Top Trumps face off in which Stuart believes that some serious cheating is undertaken by his co-host!

The 5D conversations  have taken something of a break over the last few weeks while the focus was on furthering my world domination of the aforementioned Podcast. This week though saw a return to planning and undertaking of the popular conversations with a talk to British actor Daz Crawford. Daz, now based in L.A has appeared in numerous productions such as playing opposite Pierce Brosnan in The World is not Enough, Blade 2, Marvel’s Agents of Shield and the recent indie sci-fi excellence, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. Have a look at the conversation at to see what a wonderful interviewee Daz is, and quite correctly putting me right when I get one or two facts slightly wrong about him!

On a related note – in the conversation I asked Daz what his best work was, to which the reply was an unreleased short film he made called Walkaway. You can see the film RIGHT HERE to see what he means because his performance is incredible!

The rest of the week has been taken up with planning the next three conversations – next Monday (his busy, busy schedule permitting) I should be chatting with Canadian actor Mike Dopud (Arrow, Dark Matter, Power, 2047: Virtual Revolution). I say ‘should’ because Mike & I have tried on a number of occasions to do the conversation deed, but alas the schedule of Mr Dopud keeps getting in the way with demands on his time…..Fingers crossed!

Next  Wednesday I should be talking with actress Marilyn Ghigliotti who appeared in one of my favourite ever movies, Clerks……Excited!……





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